We are Wayne and Lynn Flatt also known as Capt Bones and Miss Lynn.  We enjoyed living and cruising aboard MV Skinwalker for eight years.  Our voyaging allowed us to explore from the Mississippi River to Newport R. I. and from the providence of Quebec, Canada to the Bahamas with visits all along the eastern seaboard of the United States, around and through Florida and the wonderful Keys. It does not take long to understand that it is not the where you are or  going that is exciting but the many new and wonderful people experienced met along the waterways.

During a few summers in Baltimore, Maryland, I fell in love with and captained the pirate ship  Fearless under the name of Horatio Bonaparte  The nickname Captain Bones lingers even as we have moved on.  

Our Skinwalker  is sold and Lynn and I have ‘swallowed the anchor’ and reside at GoatHead Ranch near the intersection of Mississippi, Tennessee and Alabama raising  meat goats. I have a bit of wanderlust built into my character and bore easily and constantly on the look-out for the next life adventure.  I have found it in the Everglades Challenge an adventure challenge from St. Petersburg, Florida to Key Largo in the Florida Keys.

Lynn is my constant support, cheerleader and now manager of this newest adventure.

I have penned a book about our memoirs on Skinwalker.  It is a marvelous adventure that Lynn and I would like to share with you. To find out more about the book click here.